Not having gained any new data on my Endly Family, I’ve decided to post some things on my Weaver line.  From all indication this line begins – in this country – with Sebastian Weaver who probably immigrated to Pennsylvania from Germany. 

In reply to my inquiry about him, John Lindermuth, NCHS librarian made this reply concerning Sebastian: “It appears Sebastian migrated here (Northumberland County) from Berks County. Letters of administration on his estate were granted Nov. 19, 1797 to his wife Anna Mary and son Anthony, with sureties to John Troxell and Casper Wannamaker. No mention of John. A post on Ancestry lists Anthony’s wife as Eve Aurand and indicates they moved to Ohio.
The Weavers, Troxell and Wannamaker were all in what is now Beaver Township, Snyder County, but was then part of Northumberland County. There were also Aurand families in the same township.”
I have never found a maiden name for Anna Mary, but I did find a listing of his heirs in his Letters of Administration filed 28 April 1798 in Snyder County, Pennsylvania.  These are: Anthony Weaver, John Weaver*, Sebastian Weaver, Elizabeth Weaver, Catharine Weaver, George Weaver, and Jacob Weaver.

Anthony Weaver was born ca 1773 in Pennsylvania.  He married Eve Aurand, daughter of Johannes Heinrich Aurand and Margaret Rebecca Dreisbach ca 1805 in Pennsylvania.  The moved to Pickaway County, Ohio and there their seven children were born.  These are: Boston, Mary, John, Joseph Jasper, Jacob, Daniel and Elizabeth.  Anthony died in Pickaway County 22 Nov 1823

John* Weaver, our 3X great grandfather, was born between 1774 and 1778 in Pennsylvania.  He married Susan Aurand, daughter of Johannes Heinrich Aurand and Margaret Rebecca Dreisbach and older sister of Eve Aurand, above-mentioned ca 1798.  John and Susan also migrated to Pickaway County around 1804. Their three oldest children, Mary, Eve, and Henry were all born in Pennsylvania. The other seven children were born in Ohio.  These are Catharine, Elizabeth, Joseph, John L., Jacob*, George and Sebastian.

John is named as Susan’s husband in Henry Aurand’s  (Johannes Heinrich Aurand) will and he is shown as owing property in Fairfield, Ohio in 1806.  A John Weaver is listed in the 1820 Census as living in Washington Township, Pickaway County, Ohio. This Census names only Head of Household, but in that household are enumerated (numbers only, no names) 4 males 10 or under; 1 male 10-16; and 2 males, 45 and 1 females 45, 2 females 10 and under; 2 females 10-16; 2 females 16-18; 1 female 18-26. This leads me to believe that more than one family was living under the same roof.  Maybe John and Anthony’s families?????

I also found this:

1790 Federal Census – BRUNSWICK & MANHEIM
TWPs., Berks Co., PA

Name: M[+16] M-16 F[all] OTHER SSLAVES
Weaver, Henry 1 2 5
Weaver, John 1 2 2
Is this our John?????