Elizabeth Ann Endly

Elizabeth Ann Endly was the 4th child of Jacob Endly and Mary Rabe.  She was born 19 Aug 1817 in Old Washington, Guernsey County, Ohio. Elizabeth died 06 Feb 1897 in Chase City, Mecklenburg County, West Virginia.  She married John Edward Boyd 19 Nov 1834 in Washington, Guernsey County, Ohio.

Elizabeth Ann and John Boyd had these children:

  1. John William Boyd, born 24 Jun 1836 in Guernsey County, Ohio; died 07 Mar 1879 in Wheeling, Ohio County,  West Virginia.
  2. Mary Ann Boyd, born 05 May 1838 in Guernsey County, Ohio; died ca 1920 in Chase City, Mecklenburg County, West Virginia.
  3. George Edmund Boyd, born 29 Dec 1839 in Guernsey County, Ohio; died 08 Jun 1913 in Wheeling, Ohio County,  West Virginia.
  4. Oscar Endly Boyd, born 13 Mar 1842 in Guernsey County, Ohio; died 21 Dec 1907 in Oakland, Alameda County, California.
  5. Ada Virginia Boyd, born 31 Jan 1857 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia; died 16 Sep 1930 in Rahway, Union County, New Jersey.

William H. Endly

William H. Endly was the second child born to Jacob and Mary Rabe.  William was born 12 Mar 1812 near Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio.  He married first, Sarah Ann Brooks, 19 May 1835 in Columbiana, Guernsey County, Ohio and they had one daughter, Harriet E. Endly. Harriet married William A. Lawrence. (More on her family later.) Second, William married Magdalena Nyce – 09 Mar 1841 in Guernsey County.
Date of Article: Friday, August 09, 1844
DIED– On Monday Evening the 29th, ultimo, Mrs. MAGDALENE ENDLEY, consort of William H. Endley, aged, 22 years.
There were apparently no children from this marriage.

Third,  William married my 2x great grandmother, Catherine Pedan (also sometimes shown as Pedon, Paden, Payden, and who knows what other spellings). This is from the Probate and Juvenile Court of Columbus, Ohio. The record of marriage of William H. Endly and Catherine Pedan on November 2, 1848. A certified copy may be had for 50 cents. (I’d bet that it would cost way more than 50 cents now!)

Catherine and William had one son, William James Endly.

William H. Endly died near Lanesfield, Kansas, of typhoid fever in the 52st year of his age. He was born and raised in Washington, Guernsey County, Ohio. He faithfully and acceptably discharged the duties of Auditor of his native country for six years.
Six years ago [he] left that place and sought a new home in the far west, where, after the toils, privations, sorrows and successes of the frontier life, [he] died on the 29th of November, in the Communion of the Presbyterian Church (Old School) of which he had been a member for some years past.
–Copied from the Cambridge Jeffersonian by Audra E. Frew in the 1950s–


Know all me by these presents that I, Wm. H. Endley, of the County of Johnson in the State of Kansas, farmer, being of sound, disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament.

I give and devise to my son Wm. James Endly all my homestead farm situate in the Township of McCamish, Johnson County, State of Kansas, whereon I now live being the South West Quarter of Section 5, Township 15, Range 22 Containing 160 acres more or less to have and to hold the same to him the said, Wm J. Endly and his heirs and assigns forever.

I am induced to give the entire homestead as above described to my son, Wm. J. Endley, as an act of Justice from the following facts.

To my daughter, Harriet E. Endly (now Lawrence) I have heretofore given 160 acres of land in the state of Iowa and in the future may be comparable (LOOKS LIKE COIGAUE pwc) in value with my present home, and earnestly desiring that no distinction may be between my two children, decree as set forth above and trust that a harmony of feeling may exist between them and that neither may imply any impartiality of feeling in their father.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal and publish and declare this my last will and testament in presence of the witnesses named below this 23rd day of January 1862–
Wm H. Endly

Signed, Sealed, Published and declared by said Wm. H. Endley as and for his last Will & Testament in presence of us, who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto.
C. S. Dille
Alfred Dille
Margaret H. Dille
Proved and Record this 23rd day of Feby 1865 L. F. Blodger and Robert Snyder
Died – Near Lanesfield, Kansas, on the 29th , of typhoid fever, WILLIAM H. ENDLY, in the 51st year of his age.
Born and reared in Washington, Guernsey County, Ohio, the deceased settled in the vicinity of his native village, amidst the scenes and companions of his youth, where he grew in substance and in the esteem of his fellow citizens. He was generally known throughout the county, for which he faithfully and acceptably discharged the duties of Auditor for six years. About six years ago, he bade farewell to the region and to friends associated with the lithesome days of childhood, as well as the more grave and active responsibilities of riper years, to find a home in the far West; where after a few years amidst the toils, privations, perplexities, sorrows and successes incidental to frontier life, he died in the communion of the Presbyterian Church, (Old School,) of which he was a respected member for some years past.
“Weep ye not for the dead, neither bemoan him, but weep sore for him that goeth away, for he shall return no more, nor see his native country.” S.W.
Presbyterian Banner, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1863


Evangeline Mary Endly

Evangeline Mary Endly was the first born child of Jacob Endly and Mary Rabe. 

Evangeline married John Umstot 05 Mar 1840 in Guernsey County, Ohio.  These are their children:

  1. Amanda M. Umstot, born 31 Dec 1839 in Washington, Guernsey County, Ohio; died 11 Dec 1842, in Moorefield, Harrison County, Ohio.  Amanda apparently never married.  She is buried in Moorefield Methodist Episcopal Cemetery,  Moorefield,  Harrison County,  Ohio.  Her Find A Grave # is 105756559.
  2. Anna M. Umstot, born 03 Apr 1841 in Washington, Guernsey  County, Ohio; died 23 Apr 1938 in Moorefield, Harrison County, Ohio.  Married John M. Bendure 03 Mar 1892 in Harrison County, Ohio.  Anna and John Bendure had no known children, but John had three children from his first marriage. Anna is buried in Moordfield Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Moorefield, Harrison County, Ohio.  Her  Find a Grave # is 77007624.
  3. Jacob E. Umstot, born Nov 1842 in Washinton, Guernsey County, Ohio; died ca 1900 in Moorfield, Harrison County, Ohio.  Jacob apparently never married and had no children. Jacob is buried in Moordfield Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Moorefield, Harrison County, Ohio.  Her  Find a Grave # is 77008071.



Jacob Endly

Jacob Endly

So, I’m thinking maybe this whole business is an exercise in frustration. 

First off, I don’t really understand very well how to navigate in this program. Secondly, it seems that I am and will be the only one viewing this page, so it hardly seems worth the effort.

Nonetheless, I will go ahead and add a little more about Jacob Endly, then maybe just give up on this whole proposition.

Jacob Endly, as mentioned before was born 30 Apr 1779, perhaps in Maryland, but just as likely, in Pennsylvania.  He married Mary Rabe in 1805 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

From Notes shared by Lela May Weaver Pierce:
It is possible that his father and mother were Melchor Endlich and Ann Maria or Anna Maria. A Jacob Endlich was christened on 19 September 1779 at the Evangelical Lutheran or Lutheran Congregation of Zion Church in Middletown, Frederick, Frederick, Mary land. Also listed was a Catharina Endlich, christened on 14 May 1776 at the same church and town.

Wherever he was born, he was definitely in Fayette County in 1805 when he married Mary Rabe.  He was there until at least  1809:

Names of persons recommended as Tavern Keepers in Fayette County at November Sessions 1809

1. James Gregg of Union Twp.
2. Benjamin Minton of Union Twp.
3. William Downard, of Union Twp.
4. Peter Colly of Redstone Twp.
5. John Sheldon of Redstone Twp.
6. Bazil Brashear of Redstone Twp.
7. John Hezlip of Redstone Twp.
8. James Hezlip of Washington Twp.
9. John Rodgers of Dunbar Twp.
10. John Keepers of Bullskin Twp.
11. Job Clarke of Wharten (sic) Twp.
12. Zachariah Wheat of Springhill Twp.
13. Frederick Struble of German Twp.
14. Jacob Endley of Luzerne Twp.,498235

By 1812  Jacob and Mary were in Guernsey County, Ohio.  There are many references to the tavern he ran there, but nothing is ever said about Jacob as a person.

Jacob and Mary had a family of nine children: Evaline Mary, born ca 1810; William H., born 12 Mar 1812; Elizabeth A., born 19 Aug 1817; Sarah Ann, Born ca 1821; Catherine M., born 03 May 1823; John William, born 24 May 1824; Sophia Lenore, born June 1826; Jacob R., born 08 Sep 1829; and George Alfred, born Mar 1831.

If I decide to continue this, there will be more on the children.

For today I will close with this nice little tidbit I found:

Historical Records / Cemetery Records
The City of the Dead: Some Facts About Mansfield’s Cemetery
Source: THE MANSFIELD HERALD: 25 October 1883, Vol. 33, No. 49

Submitted by Amy
Just north of this is a marble slab on the Endly lot, on which is engraved what is perhaps as true an inscription as can be found in the cemetery:
“Pass a few swiftly fleeting years,
And all that now in bodies live,
Shall quit, like me, the vale of tears,
Their righteous sentence to receive.”


Polly’s People – The U. S. beginning of the Endly family

I have a number of brick walls in my search for my ancestors.  I thought this might be a way to toss out some ideas and see if anything useful came from so doing.

I will start with my paternal grandmother’s family – The Endly Family:

My grandmother was born Harriet Bertha Endly.  She was born in Edgerton, Johnson County, Kansas 23 Mar 1878.  Her parents were William James Endly (born 01 Jan 1850 in Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio).  His father was William H. Endly (born 12 Mar 1812 near Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio).  William H. Endly was the son of Jacob Endly, born 30 Apr 1779 in, perhaps, Frederick County, Maryland.  And, there the trail ends.  We think perhaps his father was either a James Endly or a Melchior Endly.

There are many Endly’s in and around Guernsey County, Ohio and most of these seem to have come there from Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  My theory is that both my people and those who spell their name Endley are all from the same family.  I have used only one spelling throughout just to keep thing simple. Here’s what I think may be the line here in the United States:

Melchior Endly was most likely born in Germany between 1750 and 1753. I believe he and his wife ( whose name may be Anna Maria) had at least four sons: 1) Michael Endly, born 02 Dec 1772; 2) Jacob Endly, born 30 Apr 1779, 3) John Endly, born ca 1782 and 4) George W. Endly, born ca 1797. There were also probably at least two daughters: Anna Maria, born around 1773, and Catarina born around 1776.

I find Melchior Endly listed in the 1820 Census in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. No wife is named, nor are any children named, but by that time, the children would most likely have been on their own. I looked for, but didn’t find immigration records for anybody named Endly, but found nothing. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing there, it just means that my ability to peruse immigration records is limited.

Jacob Endly, above named, is my direct line. 

  • The first mention I find for Jacob Endly is in a list of Names of persons recommended as Tavern Keepers in Fayette County at November Sessions 1809. (,498235)
  • In the 1810 Census for Redstone Township, Fayette County, we find listed:

Jacob ENDLEY with 3 females and 1 free black. We can assume one of those is his wife, Mary Rabe and the one other his daughter Evaline, but who the 2nd female is, I do not know – perhaps a sister?

  • In 1820, the family is in Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio

1820 ; Township: Cambridge ; County: Guernsey ; State: OH

  Jacob ENLY

1M@<10 (William)

1M@26-44 (Jacob)

2F@<10 (Elizabeth)

1F@10-14 (Eveline)

1F@16-25 (?)

1F@26-44 (Mary)

1 in agriculture

1M@14-26 slave (Question, is this the same black who was free in 1810? Wouldn’t he still be free or is this someone else?)

and then there is this: JACOB ENDLEY, father of Mrs. Kate M. Lawrence, has his birth in Pennsylvania in 1779, and his wife, Mary Rabe, was born in 1787. Their wedding ceremony was in 1805. They remained in Pennsylvania six years, and he then purchased a farm in Belmont county, Ohio, and lived on it until 1816. From 1816 to 1832 he kept a hotel in Center township, and from 1832 until his death in 1852, he kept the hotel at Washington, Guernsey county. His wife died in 1842. They left five children – Elizabeth A., wife of John E. Boyd; Sophia L., wife of James S. Boyd; George A., Jacob., and Kate M. The latter was born in 1823, and married Albert G. Lawrence in 1843. Mr. Lawrence was born in 1816. They spent their married life in Washington, where he was a merchant until his death in 1866. Their children were: Albert E.; Catharine E., wife of Charles Merrick; Ada V., wife of Theodore Haines; and Charles E. They live well on their one hundred and twenty acre farm. – Pg. 522
History of Guernsey County, Ohio
with Illustrations
Cleveland: T. F. Williams.

Note: Jacob Endly and his wife, Mary Rabe, actually had nine children.  We shall deal with them later.


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